Water Usage Tips

Water Usage Tips

Save money and conserve water with our water usage tips!

Tip #1 – Install a low-flow showerhead

Installing a low-flow shower head can save you money on your water bill.

Tip #2 – Install a water-softener unit

These water softer units you can help combat the hard water present in our area and make your water heater last longer. While Jackson County Water Utility does an enormous amount of filtering on our end, a small filter on your end can make a dramatic difference in the longevity of your pipes, fixtures and water heater.

Tip #3- How to check your commode for leaks

Watch this helpful video below!

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Learn more about our trusted brand of water meters:  https://www.neptunetg.com/globalassets/products/literature/20-004306-ps-e-coderr900i-03.20.pdf


How can you help conserve water in your home?  Check out this great video below!